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How much silence did you experience today?

Let's admit: our cellphone is our bodymind extension. From the moment we wake up, automatically, we reach out to the cellphone as if we were part of an emergency rescue team of law enforcement. We scan the news, Facebook, LinkedIn, text, emails… and every beep we hear, immediately, makes us alert and turns our attention to see what’s going on. This habit is so embedded in us, that we wonder what’s wrong… this is the new normal…

Only at time, when we detach from our own running in the maze, and observe ourselves and other people, we see what’s wrong… people don’t look into other’s people’s eyes any more… they concentrate on the screens, busy updating the world about how they look, think, feel, sense, imagine, believe…

Behind this compulsive behavior, there is a fact: we are almost never in the state of silence. A state of silence is not only being where there is no sound, but being in a space of inner vitality, yet keeping the “desktop of our minds” clean and clear.

Imagine you minimize the streams of thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination and belief system, so that you have inner capacity to observe your inner being as an explorer or anthropologist. Imagine you dedicate time, space and attentiveness to look at the big picture, and then zoom into the details and connect the dots...

In silence, you sink into active serenity and view the multi-dimensions of who you are and the components of the way you perceive reality.

In silence, you listen to your breathing rhythm with attention and appreciation to the wonder of how you inhale oxygen and keep alive, each and every 37.2 trillion of your cells .

In silence, you can communicate with your inner organs, tissues and cells, give them attention, love and care, and harmonize them like a conductor of an orchestra, so that each organ is attuned to its natural capacity, yet all work in collaboration to keep you alive, healthy, and happy.

In silence you calibrate dynamic balance and remove thoughts and emotion patterns that do not serve you, or more correctly, sabotage your life.

Silence state of BodyMind is to be in a state beyond the physical, mental, emotional noise in us and around us.

Sleep and a nap are the bio-psychological mechanism to recover from noise. Meditation, running and walking in nature may have the same effects.

In silence you don’t waste energies on bla bla… or negative imaginative scenarios that generate in your head or those you hear from other people.



Mobile technology and economic uncertainty, leads to no real separation between home and workplace. Workplace’s demands, employees fear of competition, and endless missions at home, generate stress, insomnia and anxiety. In addition – the obsessive habit or need to be updated, get informed and also share constantly moments in our life, overwhelm us, activate several types of noise, and drain our vitality.

Being in nature and meditation are wonderful, however, most of us are not consistent in having effective silent environment. Sometimes, because of overwhelmed mind, we can not pass the first gate of calmness to sink into deep serenity.

The Answer: SilentSoundSpace to recharge vitality and reduce stress:

Imagine you walk into a quiet room, disconnected from any type of noise. You turn off your phone, lie on a special vibroacoustic therapy bed and get inner body massage with harmonic low sound frequencies. All you hear is the rhythm of your breathing as it becomes deeper and slower. You may also hear harmonic sonic waves activating subconscious memories back in time, when you were protected and surrounded by your mother’s womb fluids and sound vibrations. You float in harmonic sound bath with no efforts. You feel being hugged from within. You reach deep bodymind silence. You generate in you, - temple of tranquility.

You reset, recharge and reboot your vitality and after 23 minutes, you calm the body, clear the mind and ready to restart your activities with a boost of energy and a positive attitude.

SilentSoundSpace activates quietness on your mental, emotional and physical systems simultaneously and that is why it is so effective. The beauty is that it affects your systems with no efforts.

Silence is the space between the tones that give significance to music. It’s the spaces between words that give significance to an expression. It’s the pause in time and space that give significance to life.

Silence is the moment between inhale and exhale.

TheSoundWell produces vibroacoustic therapy equipment and consults how to create SilentSoundSpace in workplace.

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Read how to create a SilentSoundSpace at work, in health institutions, in SPA and at home.

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