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Let’s start from the end. By the end of the day, we humans are complex organisms that consume energy to sustain and maintain life in its biological dimension and boost vitality to develop our skills, education, joy, compassion and creativity.

It’s not a secret that mental, emotional and physical stress – drain our vitality. Stress may be “REAL” or it may be a scenario we create in our heads as result of interpretation of the situations we are in. For us personally, it’s really REAL REALITY. Stress activates FFF (fight, flight, freeze) as a survival mode and a way to cope with situations we perceive as threatening. In a survival mode we can keep living with minimal energy such as bread and water.

What is Vitality?

The capacity to live, grow, or develop.

Physical or intellectual vigor; energy. (



What is the formula of vitality? Sometimes we eat allot, yet feel drain. Sometimes we run or do workout and feel very energized? Sometimes we feel down but after talking with inspiring person we feel uplifted again. Sometimes we give/get a hug and boost our vitality.

Let’s observe the following table:

table of vitality.png

Unlike a machine such a car that we know what gasoline to infuse, how much and for how long it will drive until it gets stuck if not fueled again, creating a flowchart of “what ifs” with regards to what we consume and vitality’s outcome is more complicated. The reason is that there are subtle emotional, physical, mental and spiritual components that need to be taken into consideration when we observe uplifting vitality, balancing vitality or draining it.  

Our life is a dynamic process of realizing reality and so is our vitality.

Vitality is the LIFE component of our energy. Whether we are aware of it or take it for granted. When we lack vitality, our life become less meaningful, less excited, less fun, less colorful. From its physical aspect, it is a warning sign of a depression and a weak immune system.

The question is, how can we increase vitality when it is down?

We don’t have a metering mechanism, yet we can ask our bodymind:” how do you feel now? Breathe deeply and “scan” physical systems (bones, muscular, nerves, blood, digestive, urine, reproduction, lymph’s, cells, immune system….  and mind systems (thoughts emotions, sensations, memories, imagination and belief systems)

How would you rate your vitality from 1-10 (10 most vital) right now?

The next question is when we feel low vitality, how do we increase it? Is the reason -  a serious illness that sucks our vitality, an inflammation? or as result of 12-hour flight?

An integrative, holistic and personalized approach should be the core perception to asses vitality.

What is integrative, holistic & personalized approach?

Though all humans derive from the same “factory of humanity”, we differ with the nuance of manifestation of genetic tendencies, our personal experience and belief system. Since our mental, emotional and physical (and spiritual) systems interact and influence each other, vitality boost may differ in each one of us. What’s good for me, may be differ from what is good for you. That is why any medical doctor or therapist or you yourself should see the whole of your wellness-health-well-being and vitality components as combination puzzle pieces which resonate with you.  

Explore, learn more, apply your vitality path

Become your own self investigator and self- anthropologist. Observe what makes you feel good, inspired and uplifted. Write a journal about situations, places, people, scenes that change your mood for the better. Do more of the same of what makes you smile and joyful.

If you feel your vitality drained for more than a day or two – go see a MD to explore and find the physical reason. Experts help us when we are out of physical and mental balance. Yet find those experts that have integrative, holistic & personalized approach.


Vibroacoustic Therapy is the best self-help tool to optimize the usage of vitality instantly.

Stress and Vitality are similar to a seesaw: when stress is high, vitality is low, when vitality is high, stress is low.


In our hectic life, while running after our missions and projects at home and at work, we need a handy tool which can optimize our vitality at any moment, with no efforts. As a meditation teacher for over 20 years, I can say that though there are several tools and modalities out there that may help increase and optimize vitality, Vibroacoustic therapy is the easiest, most effective, soothing and effortless way. It resets and reboots mental, emotional and physical systems

Avigail Berg-Panitz

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