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Some sales representatives of other mats providers (PEMF / Infrared + crystals) try to convince that their mats system are better.

If you really want to understand and realize why vibroacoustic therapy is your best choice to elevate the bond between your wellness-health-wellbeing, you will need to invest some time and attentiveness.


Facts First:

  1. Vibroacoustic Therapy has been in Nordic countries - Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark for over 35 years.

  2. Vibroacoustic therapy is defined as a wellness balancing platform of inner body massage based on quantum sonic harmonic frequencies.

  3. Vibroacoustic therapy averaged prices are lower than BEMER

  4. Vibroacoustic therapy is felt as soothing, gentle and comforting ticklish sensation of being hugged and rinsed from within.(with BEMER you feel nothing in the session)

  5. Vibroacoustic therapy is the most effective and effortless way to reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily specially to people that are too overwhelmed and cannot reach deep state of serenity and peace of bodymind.

  6. Olav Skille’s frequencies help reduce pain and tension in different parts of the body and others help reduce insomnia and anxiety.

  7. Vibroacoustic Therapy is officially taught in Jyvaskyla University Finland.

  8. Vibroacoustic Therapy which serves as self – hypnosis and deep meditation together with visualization and imagery can replace bad habits with better habits (anger management, obesity, drinking problems)


Selective worldwide Low Sound Frequency research studies  in different fields :


Introduction to Vibroacoustic Therapy


1. 40Hz and reversing Alzheimer first stage cells



2. Rett Syndrome and VAT


3. VAT with Physical therapy treating children with CP


4. Vibroacoustic therapy and bone cell metabolism


5. Vibroacoustic therapy treats depression in elderly population


6. Parkinson and Vibroacoustic Therapy


7. Pain relief


8. Arm skin blood flow


9. Psychotherapy with VAT


10.Addiction treatment with VAT


11. Vibroacoustic Therapy reduces Fibromyalgia symptoms


12. Vibrations may help heal chronic wounds


13. A vibroacoustic couch to improve perception of music by deaf people and for general therapeutic use.


**** testimonials of therapists / end users after Vibroacoustic Therapy experience ****






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