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Leadership in time of crises

CEO, Marketing Manager, HR Manager.

Good leadership means loyalty, trust,

alliance, attention, sensitivity, compassion, confidence, care & effective communication.


In times of crises, good leadership means – simply: love.

In times of crises such as war or world wide spread epidemic, regular and formal business roles, positions and formal functions  are not relevant.


What’s important is being proactive, personalized, preventive, rational, and yet  tolerant to stress and anxiety in people.

People get crazy in uncertainty. Some may surprise themselves with new reactions that they didn’t know they have. They may find themselves in FFF survival mode (flight, fight or freeze).


The best advice is to provide tools for self-help and balance.


Your employees, partners and clients will never forget that you were there for them in extreme situations.


When we get back to normal –  meaning: running in the maze for more… people will keep loyalty, trust and motivation.


They will stay even if they can get better conditions somewhere else. That is because by the end of the day, we are all humans who seek and appreciate love and care.

Our Vibroacoustic Therapy equipment end the stress mess in a soothing & effective, way with no efforts. You feel sound bath rinsing your body and hugging you from within.

who doesn't need a hug these days?....


Avigail Berg-Panitz

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