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1.      STRESS: We experience mental, emotional and physical stress daily, and that is why we need to reduce it daily. Otherwise, we accumulate it, it becomes chronic, and elevates other chronic conditions. Vibroacoustic therapy is the easiest, most effective and effortless to reduce all types of stress, daily.

2.      TAKE A BREAK: We need to take a nap and break our hectic daily routine. Place UnWindMe on the floor, sofa, rug, and have 23 minutes of reset, recharge, reboot. Then, restart our daily activity with a smile :).

3.      REDUCE INSOMNIA: If we didn’t have at least 6 hours of good quality sleep, the next day we feel drained of vitality, non-focused, “short fused” in our reactions and our performance will be less then average. Place UnWindMe on your bed and sink into dream world with no efforts.

4.      EXERCISE: If we feel like a sack of potatoes at home or at work, and don’t have the motivation to go to a fitness center, its fun and easy to lie on our UnWindMe mat and do some soft, yet effective exercises. The beauty of UnWindMe is that the inner body massage vibrations, already act as gymnastic to the cells, therefore mobility takes place within you with no efforts.

5.      BE A BETTER YOU: Nobody is perfect. If you wish to replace bad habits such as obesity, anger management or smoking – try vibroacoustic therapy as self – hypnosis process together with imagery and visualization.

6.      MANIFEST CREATIVITY: – vibroacoustic therapy minimizes the chaotic streams of conditioned mind (thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories and imagination) and create empty space to enable insights and creativity to pour in and manifest.

7.      REFRESH YOUR SEX DRIVE:  – if you lost interest in sex, vibroacoustic therapy may raise sensuality from within.

8.      REDUCE PAIN – low sound frequencies may reduce pain in different parts of your body. here is a example study about Fibromyalgia

9.      REDUCE ANXIETY: – with harmonic low sound frequencies you feel as if you are being hugged from within. It provides emotional support, balance bodymind, and provides a sense of security together with tranquility.

10.  IMPROVE PERFORMANCE: Vibroacoustic therapy clears the mind and calms the body and helps being focused and vital. Result – better performance. It may be beneficial for sport people, sales people, students and project managers.

11.  INCREASE LIFE QUALITY: Vibroacoustic therapy may increase life quality to people with chronic disease or disabilities, their families and their caregivers.

12.  ERGONOMIC SOLUTIONS AT WORK: UnWindMe in a SilentSoundSpace  helps recharge vitality and reduce stress -as part of Wellness@work.


UnWindMe – personal and portable vibroacoustic therapy mat:

You roll it and carry it  on the go…

Then, you unwind it in the best suitable place (sofa, bed, recliner, rug) 

You lie on it, select a single low sound frequency from an app in your mobile device.

It is streamed via Bluetooth to an amplifier and to your mat.

You sink into serenity as it unwinds you

You experience quantum sonic harmonic inner body massage


What is UnWindMe  Home version  Professional version


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