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According to CDC statistics* , The use of yoga, meditation, and chiropractors increased significantly from 2012 to 2017

The use of yoga increased from 9.5% to 14.3%, while the use of meditation increased more than threefold from 4.1% in 2012 to 14.2% in 2017. The use of chiropractors increased from 9.1% to 10.3%.

These are impressive numbers that need to be explored. There may be many reasons why people change their habits. In this case I sense that it’s a combination of awareness to the opioids epidemic and realization of the impact of stress in the hectic world we live in.

In addition, there is ambivalent positive /negative influence of internet, media and mobile devices in our lives.

In a way there are many paradoxes: There are several social networks to join, yet many people feel lonely. People get more flexible ways/hours at work, yet they become more and more assets of their workplaces, and there is no more separation between work time and private time. The internet gives an illusion that there is more equality to individuals and small businesses.  However, huge tech companies analyzing big data and may be manipulating you with AI. And big corporations, pour huge amount of money in social media and different ways of advertising, and make the internet an unfair & illusion equal business playground.

The pharmaceutical companies keep brain washing us with the advertising in TV cable channels and the idea of fake news in media, challenge real reality realization. There is uncertainty of basic principles such as public vs. private, national vs. global, true or semi-true paid information.   


Stress is in the air, not only in our heads. Climate change and extreme weather effects many people around the globe with tsunamis, and fires and new extreme climate.


In such atmosphere and environment, there are two reactions: escape or self- management.

(There are combinations of course - but lets focus on each one separately)

Many people don’t know how to cope with stress. People feel it’s real, yet it’s not tangible. Therefore the answer is  escape to bad habits as a way of copying. Escape to drinking, smoking, eating, gaming, sex, traveling….

For a short period of time, escape bring “positive results” to overcome stress, and not to deal with conflicts. Yet, the more you escape to your zone, it becomes over time, less effective, so you increase the doze… All of the sudden, without notice, you become addicted, and add more negative destructive factors to your social life, performance at work, and to your  health. You realize that stress only grow and you got yourself into a larger harmful spiral.

Other type of people is the conscious self-management group. They are aware of the negative sides of accumulate stress, they adopt preventive lifestyle approach which include healthy food, yoga and meditation. This is probably the explanation of growth of usage of meditation and yoga statistics in the CDC study.


Yet, the elephant is in the room and outside the roomstress doesn’t go away!  


The second group – let’s call them “the minded people”, try this and that meditation, buy yoga videos, participate in yoga studios and encourage their children to meditate and exercise yoga…

Many do it, now and then, not on a regular basis. Deep inside, when they are honest with themselves, they admit that they didn’t find yet “the right way”. So they keep exploring and exploring and some are frustrated as well.


Many people develop theories why meditation doesn’t work for them and why they don’t adopt yoga as their daily habit :” I'm too stressed, I'm busy, I didn’t find the best meditation modality, something is wrong with me, my brain is too left, I'm type A person….

The challenge is to regulate the streams of thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, memories, imagination and belief system. It has nothing to do with intelligence. It has to do with dynamic balance of mental, emotional and physical sub systems and how to optimize the usage of energy for positive activities which benefit our health, wellness and well-being.

Imagine an orchestra in a concert. Each instrument needs to be attuned to its natural essence. Yet, it’s the conductor who unites all instruments to a coherent oneness harmony.

The conductor activates attunement in real time to all instruments.


Getting back to our beings, how can one bring harmony and attunement to all subsystems all at once - The Physical, emotional and mental? After all, we accumulate these different aspects of stress daily and that is why we need to reduce it daily. Neglecting it will eventually turn stress to be chronic , which will elevate other chronic symptoms such as anxiety, depression, pain and fatigue.**

Yes, we know of the gurus in Tibet… and mindfulness (which is very trendy now days), and many teachers that, sincerely, want to share their unique way and promise you heaven on earth.  

I believe that you need to find your path your way. Your inner compass will direct you how to become the conductor of your inner subsystems. You will also optimize the usage of vitality to health, wellness and well-being and not waste it on chaotic negative scenarios that fuel more stress and activate insomnia and anxiety.

The question is how do you calibrate your inner compass?

Do you use Waze as your navigating system? Sometimes it has bugs or it is not updated. Your inner compass needs nonstop maintenance and attunement.

The first thing is to discover and manifest your inner compass and then calibrate it so that it takes you to your unique health-wellness-wellbeing paths which work for you.

This is not a philosophical article. Its not spiritual or psychological.

It’s a generic, holistic language to explore the operating system of your being. And only you can do it.




Be well



  • Vibroacoustic therapy is a generic, holistic and integrative wellness balancing platform. It serves like the conductor of an orchestra of your bodymind parts. It balances mental, emotional and physical subsystems simultaneously and optimizes the usage of vitality. SilentSoundSpace is based on Vibroacoustic therapy




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