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what is Vibroacoustic therapy and why use it daily at home and at work

Vibroacoustic Therapy is a wellness therapy invented 30 years ago in Nordic countries by Olav Skille. You sense deep tissue inner body massage, while, a single low sound frequency in the range of 30 Hz -120 Hz, is transmitted into a special mat through transducers (low sound speakers) that are embedded in it.  The transducers convert the frequency into soft sonic waves vibration. During a session, of 23 minutes, you  experience deep relaxation of inner systems while you recharge vitality.


The outcome of a session:

You feel serenity & deep peace, together with recharged energies, clearer mind and a more positive attitude. Skille found the correlation between specific frequencies and reduction/ elimination of pain and stress in different parts of the body. In Addition he found that certain frequencies help reduce insomnia and anxiety.

Individuals, therapists, academic researchers and applied researchers in the past 30 years, have reported the benefits of VATTING:
-Pain reduction/elimination
-Increase Attentiveness

-Stress reduction/elimination
-Muscle tension relief
-Together with visualization and positive conscious imagery -A tool to minimize bad habits and replace them with better habits (obesity, anger, addiction)
-Insomnia reduction/elimination
-Recharges vitality
-Improve performance – in sport and in learning process

-easy way to sink into self-hypnosis and meditation

-Increases calmness & clarity of the mind

Vibroacoustic Therapy may be  an independent wellness therapy or self - help tool. It can be incorporated and an added value therapy to physicians, chiropractors, physical, psychotherapist or alternative modalities.
Vibroacoustic therapy not only reduces pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety, while boosting vitality and mind clarity, it is a body/mind attunement tool for balancing mental and physical systems. VAT  minimizes the overwhelmed “spaghetti mind” and can convert energies from sustaining chaotic mental patterns to creating healthy, beneficial habits.



1. People and families with chronic diseases and disabilities **** - Vibroacoustic therapy does not replace medical treatment, don’t stop using medication without your medical doctor’s advice. ****
2. Regular families that want to apply preventive wellness lifestyle for usage of all family members.
3. Businesses who want to add Vibroacoustic therapy as a wellness preventive tool to reduce stress and recharge vitality
4. Spas, Sports, recreation centers, wellness centers
5. Nursing homes, rehab centers, hospices, independent therapists, chiropractors, integrative holistic physicians
6. Students in schools and colleges

7. Vets – pets and horses



Stress affects mental, emotional and physical systems in parallel. It is accumulated daily as result of external triggers or internally because of personal negative interpretation of reality. We need to reduce stress daily; otherwise, it becomes chronic stress.

There are many ways to reduce stress – from OTC pills, to alternative ways such as meditation, yoga or acupuncture. The challenges are- being attentive to the process and daily commitment of usage.


Many people talk about meditation, yet, the problem is that in order to reach deep inner peace, you need to “pass the first gate” of bodymind peace. The majority of people are too overwhelmed with imaginative and chaotic streams of thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories and imagination to reach serenity and inner bodymind peace, easily. Therefore, very often, many people give up and feel frustrated that they didn’t do things “the right way” – this is also true with yoga or other alternative ways.



When you accumulate stress, you can’t sleep at night. Your mind keeps working nonstop, as it tries to solve problems. The next day you are tired. You can easily slip into chronic insomnia. Anxiety and depression are just around the corner. Each one of these conditions may have independent reasons to manifest, yet, they all influence and fuel each other.



Once you purchased a system – mat, recliner or massage table, and after few hours of guidance, you simply- select a single low sound frequency, lie on the system and… let go. No need for a mantra, no need for exercises, no need to focus. The frequency will swing your bodymind systems gently and you may fall asleep or just relax and reach serenity.

You may want to learn later on, more advanced ways to be involved in the process of healing, replacing bad habits with better habits and expand perception.



We promise not to bombard you with emails. We will approach you 1-2 a month and focus  on a specific  topic which highlights the benefits of using vibroacoustic therapy and its positive effect on  health-wellness-wellbeing. 

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