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What is performance?

The accomplishment of a given task measured against preset known standards of accuracy, completeness, cost, and speed. *

 There are several ways to assess performance at work**

 Depends on their company’s cultures, HR managers emphasize different parameters to asses performance: productivity, quality, attendance, time management, training and teamwork.

Performance of sport people, dancers, actors, singers and lawyers are evaluated in comparison to their competitors, colleagues, achievements, and feedback from public and the media.

 Some organizations / leaders / coaches, encourage pick performance – in which an individual boost his/her 100% of will power, motivation, sharp senses and energies to achieve their very best in a short period of time.

 In a way anything we do in life can be observed from its performance aspects. A student may accumulate allot of knowledge yet if s/he experiences anxiety in a test, the outcome will be poor. Soldiers may be trained to act in extreme conditions in the battle field, yet, if they are in fear and stress, they may be paralyzed, experience trauma and act poorly during a war.

Let’s observe the process of doing …. no matter what we do:

1.     Theoretical learning & understanding

2.     Practical training

3.     Rehearsing

4.     Missions

5.     Executing

6.     Feedback

And… 1…6 again

Each one of these stages need optimal mental, emotional and physical conditions to

1.     Input data, information, and knowledge.

2.     Blend the above with previous experience in the focused field

3.     Process of decision making based on common sense, logic and clear reality perception


The header of this article hints about maintaining and sustaining inner conditions of calmed body and clear mind in order to perform in an optimized way.


We all experience mental, emotional and physical stress daily. if we don’t reduce it, it may become chronic stress and elevate FFF response (fight, flight, freeze) , Getting into survival mode takes allot of energies and activate conditioned and programmed mind . Soldiers and law enforcement are trained to operate in such extreme conditions, yet, they still need to have a clear mind to assess the situation and to have logical decision making based on real-time reality assessment of what is going on.

Having a clear mind and calmed body depends on:

1.     Eating healthy food to nourish brain cells

2.     Sleeping at least 7 hours of quality sleep

3.     Recharging vitality

4.     Moving the body

5.     Reducing mental, emotional and physical stress daily

6.     Being creative

7.     Having physical conditions of fresh air, high quality water and reasonable weather

8.     Getting support, attention, respect, appreciation and being valued by family, friends, colleagues and leaders.

The rationale behind clear mind and calmed body is simple – you optimize your vitality to be attentive, have sharp senses, learn the situation you are in, and act the best way accordingly. In addition, when you are vital, yet calm, you have more patience to people around you, and your communication and team work is more effective.


Companies’ executives that are aware of the added value of wellness at work, and consult their employees about preferable wellness activities, know that employees appreciate the supportive atmosphere and are more motivated and passionate to improve their performance.


Vibroacoustic therapy is a special low sound frequencies mat /pillow /recliner. You lie on whole body equipment or hug a pillow and you feel soothing and gentle sound waves hugging you from within. Olav skille (the inventor from Nordic countries Finland /Norway) found the correlation between specific frequencies in the range between 30hz-120hz and reduction/elimination of pain and stress in different parts of the body. Other frequencies reduce insomnia and anxiety. All the frequencies also boost vitality.

 The vibrations activate 6 R: Reset overwhelmed mind, Reduce pain and mental, emotional and physical stress, Recharge vitality, Reboot bodymind and Reactivates daily activities.

 We all know that pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety drain our vitality. WE all appreciate a good nap that cuts the streams of thoughts, emotion, sensations, memories and imagination that may be very overwhelming and fuel stress as well. Vibroacoustic therapy with its variety of frequencies acts as a good night sleep or a good nap. 



 SilentSoundSpace to recharge vitality and reduce stress in workplace. Imagine you add 23 minutes to lunch break, you lie on the vibroacoustic therapy mat and feel gentle inner body massage. The process is very soothing as you attune your inner and harmonize your inner systems. The optimized SilentSoundSpace should be a room isolated from noise or distraction. All employees should experience 6R in a vibroacoustic therapy session at least once a week.

Ergonomic pillows

People that sit in front of a computer 8-9 hours need body movement, stretching and good blood circulations.

Contact us today to learn about how to adopt Vibroacoustic Therapy , calm the body , clear the mind and improve performance.

 Avigail Berg Panitz, TheSoundWell

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