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Multivib (Norway) and TheSoundWell (USA) are strategic business partners collaborating worldwide to provide information and guide therapists, business people, individuals and families (ordinary & with special needs) of how to explore and utilize vibroacoustic therapy to reduce stress, insomnia, pain and anxiety and boost vitality with no chemicals involved.

Both Toril Værnes Trøen – owner and CEO of Multivib and Avigail Berg-Panitz – owner and CEO of TheSoundWell implement the original vibroacoustic therapy invented by Olav Skille (Norway/Finalnd).


Over the years various hardware vendors around the world use the term Vibroacoustic Therapy yet stream music into the body.

We define vibroacoustic therapy as a  generic, holistic and integrative wellness platform.  The process includes  streaming a single harmonic low sound frequency in the range of 30hz-120hz into transducers (low sound frequencies speakers ) embedded in special equipment such as mats, pillows, sound/massage tables, teddy bears and bed foundations.


You feel gentle and ticklish inner body massage based on sonic waves. This is a very soothing sensation while you experience deep bodymind tranquility.


The outcome is a dynamic bodymind balance,  reduction of pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety and boost of vitality – with no chemicals involved.

​In our monthly newsletter, we will focus on the benefits of utilizing vibroacoustic therapy as a therapeutic modality and  self-help tool. We will go over the steps of integrating it as a new positive habit at  home, at work, in schools and in health institutions.

We appreciate and  are grateful to Olav Skille for inventing vibroacoustic therapy as an effective preventive wellness-wellbeing tool, helping reducing acute pain and stress and increasing life quality to people with chronic diseases and disabilities.

Toril Værnes Trøen –  Multivib CEO
Avigail Berg-Panitz - TheSoundWell CEO
Olav Skille.png
Olav Skille 
Vibroacoustic Therapy Inventor