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Imagine water waves, caress and pat you gently. Yet, instead of water,   you experience  low sound frequencies waves vibrating harmonically          your skin and each and every organ, tissue, and cell.
How do you feel and sense?
​​Sink into serenity with vibroacoustic therapy
Vibroacoustic therapy bonds
& elevates life quality
we are here to show you how

Multivib (Norway) and TheSoundWell (USA) are strategic business partners collaborating worldwide to provide information and guide therapists, business people, individuals and families (ordinary & with special needs) of how to explore and utilize vibroacoustic therapy to reduce stress, insomnia, pain and anxiety and boost vitality with no chemicals involved.

vibroacoustic equipment
"I feel gentle sonic waves
rinsing and hugging me from within.
This is calmness on demand, with no efforts" Tami K.
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